Hot Wheels Car Maker Playset – Perfect Gift this Christmas Season

Hot Wheels Car Maker PlaysetHot Wheels has always been a symbol of fast, speedy and racing toy cars for kids. Mattel has been producing Hot Wheels Playsets for many years. In fact, it is one of the most popular brands for purchasing toy cars and other accessories. Hot Wheels has always been loved by young kids. This time, Mattel wanted to target a slightly older age group. Therefore, the company came up with Hot Wheels Car Maker Playset.


With this Playset, your kid can easily make his own speedy and stylish racing car. This Christmas season, gifting this Playset to your young boy can be the perfect gesture of affection and care. The best part is that Amazon is offering a discount on this product. Thus, you will also be able to save some of your hard earned money.


Product Features of Hot Wheel Car Maker Playset


● A vehicle can be easily designed with a colored wax stick and mold. The Car Maker will quickly melt hot wax into the car mold. It will just take about ten minutes to cool the wax.

● Voice prompts have been the most powerful feature of this Playset. They can guide your kid through the whole designing process. Moreover, music effects and cool lights will create a lot more fun for your kid.

● Once wax is cooled off, you can attach the vehicle body to one of the three chassis.

● Detailing of the car is also very simple and easy.

● This Car Maker Playset can prove to be a lot of creative fun for your kid.


Exceptional Effects – With this Playset, your kid can create a unique racing car from scratch. He can design his own favorite and unique vehicle in a matter of minutes. You will just need a wax stick and mold (included in the package) to create a fully functioning racing car. Your kid will also be able to personalize and detail it in a stylish manner.


Mattel has tried to create a very creative and innovative Playset. It comes with a lot of exciting and fun features like voice prompts, music effects, bright lights and other such features. It will let your kid have more fun. The best part is that voice prompts will guide your kid through the design process. Therefore, your kid will not experience any serious problems. Every Hot Wheels fan will appreciate and praise the detailing that Mattel has put into designing this Playset.


Simple and Easy – Creating a Hot Wheel car with this Playset is very easy and simple. You just need to select a mold and wax stick for your car. The package includes 2 molds and 10 wax sticks in many different colors. You just have to insert the mold into the Car Maker machine and add your favorite color of wax. In just about ten minutes, the Car Maker machine will melt this wax and cool it to give you a Hot Wheels car.


Detail Your Car – With this Hot Wheels Car Maker Playset, it is very simple and easy to detail your new Hot Wheels car. You can easily attach the molded vehicle body of your car to one of the three chassis. Once you’ve done this, you can start working on detailing of your car with decals. They’re included in the sticker pack. You can choose speedy flames for your car or even stylish graphics. In just a few minutes, your Hot Wheels car will be designed and ready to race.


Completely Safe – Mattel has always focused on children’s safety while designing and creating toys. This Playset is not any different. Hot Wheels Car Maker Playset comes with voice prompts. They will guide your kid through the whole process. This Playset is completely safe for your kid, while being a lot of fun.


As mentioned earlier, this may be the perfect time to buy this Playset for your kid. Christmas is right around the corner and your kid would love such a gift. Amazon is offering some good deals. It is giving a $15 discount and offering this Playset for just $34.99. Moreover, if you make a purchase of more than $35 on Amazon, you also get free shipping. Since this is a popular Playset, stocks may run out fast. You should not miss this opportunity to bring a smile to your kid’s face on Christmas.



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